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I’ve been listening to “Rising Strong”, an e-book by Brené Brown. Sometimes, it is easier to listen than read. The eyes get tired but the ears follow the mind. It rarely tires itself unless night falls. Halfway into the book, she relayed a particular story that caught my attention. Her story made me think of an incident. An incident I have not been able to put down as I wonder much about myself. How am I as a person? Why is it hard for me to say ‘no’? …

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Days ago, I decided to pick up a book to read. So, I went under the ‘popular books’ section of my library app and randomly choose one that’s available. The book is called ‘Where the Crawdad sing” by Delia Owens.

The story talks about this girl who lost everyone that mattered to her. Not by death but by circumstance. With an abusive father in the house, the mother couldn’t take it anymore and left. Heartbreakingly, one by one, someone leaves the family. They just couldn’t stand the shouts and fights anymore.

Except Kya. Being six, she had nowhere to go.

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I have many things bothering me.

Mostly, I left in my mind to resolve them peacefully. So, no penning on paper. And… that was not a good move. I really can’t just rely on my mind to bring me out of the many, many, many things I am trying to figure out.

I am 27 years old so there are at least 27 years of things to figure out. I am a thinker. And… I am going to tweek a quote to drive my point barbarically. So John C Maxwell said, “Everyone is a leader because everyone influences someone.” And…

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I never felt close to most work colleagues. With different colleagues every workday, my role is a lonely role. Yes, I do agree that friendship is less about the quantity but the quality of time spent. But again, it is a very simple statement. Life is normally not that simple.

Putting in the mix of hierarchical titles and a tight ship to sail, the moments of high stress and problems are met sooner than friendships being nurtured. Before we get to know the person, quick judgments and wrong choice of words are typically being said already.

At times, with no…

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Disappointments are a fact in life. When you are on unfamiliar fearful grounds, you are lucky, to begin with by having certain someone’s to count on or think about. And when they step into your woes to help, you find yourself with extreme warmth and courage. You’re less afraid and more excited for the challenge. Instead of moving backward, a magical spurt of energy to move half a step forward.

But what happens when the opposite comes true instead? When you thought or count on your people, but they didn’t step up. …

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Currently, I am 26 years old. My mother is 55 years old. This is all happening in 2020.

In recent months, I’ve realized my mom has a hard time hearing. I am both sad and frustrated. We have communicated so long with listening and understanding. But now, I have to admit to myself, it is not the same anymore. My mom listens to me but finds it hard to understand me. Either words get misunderstood or it was never heard, to begin with.

I feel sad. And sometimes, this sadness becomes a frustration for what it was before. You were…

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If I have a million dollars, I will give a portion of the money to the poor because I have excess. This is money that I don’t need. This is money that can do much more for others.

I will not have any monetary or financial woes. I will give a portion to my family if they will accept it. I want them to live without the burden of money woes too.

If I have $10,000 dollars, I would put this money in the bank and termed it as “rainy day” money. When things happen suddenly, anybody can use this…

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These days I have many moments of feeling down. Together with my close friend, the stress of our lack of a stable job had put us in an uncomfortable pickle. This then led us to grab everything we can to tame the demon inside.

One such way was gaining helpful knowledge. My friend found this free online course from Yale University. The course is called “The Science of Well-Being” by Laurie Santos. And it’s great. …

Brenda Tan

I love writing.

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